Northwest Connecticut Trout Unlimited

 Welcome friends, new members and old to our new website.  Please pardon the wet paint while we remodel, and email any and all suggestions or issues to the Webmaster contact link at the bottom.  Thank you, enjoy.


We are the Northwest Connecticut Chapter of Trout Unlimited, an organization focused on three things:  

Fishing.  Conservation.  Community


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What we've done

Our Chapter of Trout Unlimited is one of the oldest chapters in the country.  We maintain the legacy of the club, and welcome in the newest generation of anglers.   This generation embraces the equality of all anglers from any walk and path in life.

We are best known for providing the most comprehensive fly fishing courses available, at a subsidized cost to further growth and participation in our passion.  The beginner casting course ensures all the necessary  skills are learned and demonstrated before  entering the water.   Participants are provided with a quality entry level rod package to use and to keep at the end of the course.  The fly tying course in the colder months covers all the methods used to tie your own flies, allowing you to create any pattern you find outside the course with the skills you develop.  These are taught by some of the most experienced anglers and instructors in the region. 

We also work extensively in preserving our watersheds and fisheries to ensure the trout have ideal habitats to thrive in through our continued conservation efforts.  We do this by organizing cleanups and habitat revitalization efforts on our home rivers, and collaborating with and participating in our sister chapters' events.  When we work together, we grow together.

To make a difference, we work extensively with local organizations, conservation groups, our TU national organization and the DEEP.  

Most importantly, we have fun!  We at NWCTU have a passion to share, and welcome anyone interested to hear more about what we have to offer our members, visitors, and like minded folk to reach out at the "Contact Us" below.  

None of this would be possible without our generous donors and volunteers, and we would like to thank everyone for their contributions.  Please consider donating time or funding to ensure success in our projects or enable us to do more.  Donations are tax deductible.   If you are looking to contribute generously towards conservation or education, please contact us first to discuss what efforts we're working on that need help.  



What do you do when there's a beaver protecting the trout you're after?  See one rise at 0:10?